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    Frank Coles wins inaugural SMART4SEA Leadership Award

    31 January 2018: Frank Coles, Chief Executive Officer of Transas, has won the prestigious inaugural SMART4SEA Leadership Award, recognising his outstanding contribution to transformative thinking in the maritime industry.



    Transas A-Suite brings AI to maritime to reduce human error

    30 January 2018: Transas has launched its first package of applications built on THESIS, a unified cloud-based platform for managing operations across the full breadth of the maritime ecosystem. The advanced 'A-Suite' package also sets a new precedent by utilising the latest in machine learning techniques to reduce the potential for human errors on the bridge or poor decisions elsewhere in the vessel operational chain. 



    Sharp minds to plot new course for industry at Transas global conference

    Moving from smart talk to practical solutions and learning from other industries will be the twin themes of an industry event scheduled for Vancouver in March.  Technology will be an enabler, but the maritime industry will have to be prepared to change its model to be a candidate for a smarter digital future.



    Transas to maintain THESIS momentum at 2018 global conference

    The Transas mission to explain the true benefits and impacts of digitalization to the maritime world will be given new impetus by staging its 2018 global conference to Vancouver, one of North America's top technology hubs. 



    Transas survival craft simulator eliminates drill risks

    Transas has introduced a new Survival Craft Simulator (SCS) to prepare crew for the multitude of possible scenarios that can occur during lifeboat drills, aiming to address one of the most notorious sources of accidents in shipping without exposing personnel to physical danger 


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