Transas Marine GmbH Supports Virtual Christening of “UOS ATLANTIS”

April 2010 – Germany. "I hereby christen you "UOS Atlantis" and wish you always calm seasons". With these words and a bursting champagne bottle, Mrs. Gesine Frerichs, assistant to the management of Hartmann Offshore GmbH, performed the honors at the 'Virtual Christening' of Hartmann's newly build MOSS 424-type Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessel at Nautitec's Transas Full Mission Bridge Simulator in Leer, Germany.


The bursting 'virtual bottle' was developed by Transas Marine GmbH's 3D-Developer who recalled that: "This was an interesting challenge, but by using Model Wizard®, Transas' modeling software suite, I was able to develop an effect which was both fun and quite realistic".

The "UOS Atlantis" is the first in a series of AHTS vessels currently under construction.
Simulation model was actually built as part of a diploma thesis by former student Till Moebius from the University of Applied Sciences in Leer, working with Transas' modeling software tool Virtual Ship Yard®.

This vessel has already been successfully run through a series of simulated sea trials, and has been approved by Captains from Hartmann.

The Real-World "UOS Atlantis" has been awarded to EDT Offshore Egypt, to become part of BP Egypt's Mediterranean vessel fleet, and is working in support of BP's offshore drilling activities. 6 of a total of 12 vessels are already in service world-wide.

In these times of decreasing new builds, Transas is proud to still be launching new high-fidelity models for the Navi-Trainer Professional® ship handling simulators.

Captain Georg Haase, Nautitec's managing director: "We are looking forward to ongoing cooperations in terms of simulator model developments. In a few weeks, the 'virtual keel' of Intership Navigation's newly build "MV Lancelot" will be laid inside Virtual Ship Yard®, with Till Moebius again working to develop both the mathematical and visual simulation models for this next vessel."

Simulator model will 'go to sea' at Intership Navigation's Transas full mission bridge simulator at Manila.

This first new K Class bulk carrier will also be the first real merchant vessel to be equipped with an on-board Navi-Trainer Professional® simulator bridge, for use in training projects.

Hartmann Offshore GmbH in Leer is part of the Hartmann Group of companies, and manages the full range of Offshore activities for the group.

Nautitec GmbH & Co is offering tailor made training courses to maritime companies and authorities. In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences and Transas, Navi-Trainer Professional® exercise areas as well as tailor made ship models can be designed for the purpose of training and research. In 2010 the step into Offshore began with the implementation of a DP console into the Transas full mission bridge simulator.

Ship owners Hermann Buss and Alfred Hartmann founded Nautitec GmbH & Co. KG in 2007 to guarantee a wide variety of maritime education and training in Leer.


UOS Atlantis

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