Transas GMDSS Simulator used for training of radio operators in Indonesia

January 2012, Indonesia – In the end of year 2011 the Directorate General Post & Telecommunication, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Indonesia got brand-new Transas GMDSS Simulator TGS 5000 installed in Surabaya and Medan (second and third largest cities in Indonesia).

The new simulator configuration includes one instructor station and eight trainee stations at each location. Together with stand-alone GMDSS Simulator CBT and two sets of GMDSS real radio, these new systems are intended for training and examination of Indonesian seafarers in GMDSS radio system operations.

The Directorate General (DG) Post & Telecommunication is one of Transas's first customers in Indonesia. They acquired Transas GMDSS Simulator TGS 2000 at 1999. It was installed in Jakarta, and is still in operation.

DG Post & Telecommunication is the authorized agency responsible for issuing radio certificates for seafarers, such as GRO (General Radio Operator) and RRO (Restricted Radio Operator). "The fact that DG Post & Telecommunication selected Transas solution for training of national level, demonstrates the superior quality of the product and after sales service provided by us", - commented Managing Director of PT. MultiIntegra Aloys Sutarto, Transas distributor in Indonesia.

In addition to mentioned above, Transas GMDSS simulator is being installed at Merchant Marine (BP2IP) Tangerang, Marine Polytechnic (PIP) Makasar. Both schools are a part of the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation's Education Training Agency.

At the moment there are 10 Transas GMDSS simulator installations in Indonesia: Aceh, Dumai, Medan, Tangerang, Jakarta (two locations), Surabaya (two locations), Makasar & Sorong)

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