Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS

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ECDIS is a computer-based navigation information system compliant with International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations and can be used as an alternative to paper nautical charts. An ECDIS system displays the information from electronic navigational charts (ENC) and integrates position information from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), gyrocompass, speed log, other navigational sensors, radar and automatic identification systems (AIS). Transas delivers a full range of type-approved ECDIS solutions that can be stand-alone or part of the Integrated Navigation Systems or Multifunctional Display i.e. Radar, Conning, Alarm Management, Track Control in one workstation. Transas ECDIS provides easy and unique possibilities for customization.

Standard/Standard+ - Premium/Premium+

Each system includes a carefully selected range of standard features, with an extensive range of additional hardware and software options. So whether you’re just beginning your ECDIS journey or seek the ultimate level of information at your fingertips, Transas offer something for every ECDIS user.


  • The world’s number one ECDIS
  • User friendly navigation tool
  • Most evolved ECDIS on the market
  • Flexible configuration
  • 4-level ECDIS solutions to suit all customers
  • MFD functionality and network capability
  • Consistent graphic user interface (GUI)


IHO Standards related to ECDIS

As prescribed by IMO SN.1/Circ.266 Transas do the maintenance for ECDIS software to comply the latest IHO standards.

The following versions of Transas ECDIS systems are compliant with latest IHO standards:

  • Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS-I (see notes)
  • Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS MFD Premium
  • Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS Standard
Implemented edition of the standards Current Edition in force
v. 4.00.10 only (MNS27)
NS 4000 ECDIS MFD Premium starting from (MNS28)
NS 4000 ECDIS Standard starting form
v. 2.00.323 (MNS32ed2)
IHO Standards
S-57 Edition 3.1.1 *Note S-57 Edition 3.1.1 *Note
(3.1.2 starting from MNS30)
S-57 Edition 3.1.2 Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) IHO
S-57 Edition 3.1.2
S-52 Edition 5.0
(December 1996)
S-52 Edition 6.0
(March 2010)
S-52 Edition 6.0
(March 2010)
S-52 Edition 6.0
(March 2010)
S-52 PresLib Edition 3.4 S-52 PresLib Edition 3.4 S-52 PresLib Edition 3.4 ECDIS Display and Presentation IHO
S-52 PresLib Edition 3.4
S-63 Edition 1.1 **Note S-63 Edition 1.1 S-63 Edition 1.1 ENC Data Protection IHO S-63
Edition 1.1
S-61 Edition 1.0 S-61 Edition 1.0 S-61 Edition 1.0 Raster Navigational Chart (RNC)
S-61 Edition 1.0

If you find that your system is not compliant please contact your local Transas sales office or dealer to arrange the appropriate system upgrade.


* - Attributes “start date-end date” for temporary objects Fog Signal, Radar Station, Retro reflector, Radar Transponder Beacon, Top Mark are introduced in S-57 Edition 3.1.2 and therefore these attributes are not read if ECDIS is not compatible with S-57 Edition 3.1.2.

** - NS3000 ECDIS-I is capable to read ENC charts encrypted according to S-63 ed. 1.1, with limitations related to installation procedure and some functionality of the system (it does not warn user if his chart permit is expired and if the chart became outdated).

Standalone Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS

Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS is designed in full compliance with the latest IMO, IHO and IEC standards and resolutions. NS 4000 ECDIS is a navigation information system that displays information from navigation sensors on the electronic navigational chart. The system is designed to assist the mariner in route planning and monitoring. The combination of all data on a single display allows for a high level of situational awareness and onboard decision-making. Using a Standalone ECDIS requires a full paper chart collection in use as a backup arrangement to fulfill the carriage requirements.

Dual Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS

A dual ECDIS supplied in a Master + Backup configuration complies with the backup requirements for ECDIS and meets the chart carriage requirement. In the event of ECDIS Master Failure, the Backup system automatically takes over as Master system in accordance with the ECDIS backup arrangement requirements.

Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS 'Back of the Bridge' Planning Station

The NS 4000 ECDIS 'Back of the Bridge' planning station is based on the 24" Panel PC + Trackball. It includes Navi-Planner with full voyage plan functionality (Advanced Planning option) and ECDIS software. If mandatory sensors (GNSS, Gyro and Log) are connected to the unit, it can be used as a third ECDIS and Back-up. The 24" Panel PC 'Back of the Bridge' Planning Station can be used in combination with both NS 4000 ECDIS Standard and NS 4000 ECDIS Premium MFD.

Additional ECDIS sensors

Other additional information and sensors/systems can be connected either directly via an NMEA port, or optionally via the Data Collector Unit (DCU) and displayed in the Navi-Sailor user interface.