Navi-Monitor is an integrated solution for vessel traffic monitoring in ports and harbors.

Suitable for small and medium sized ports and harbors, Navi-Monitor is an advanced integrated solution that is fully compliant with VTMS requirements. Navi-Monitor’s wide range of functions, sensor interfacing and flexibility make it a highly efficient and configurable solution for nearly all ports and harbors.


  • Radar, AIS, CCTV, RDF, Meteo-Hydro sensors support and control;
  • Multi-radar tracking integration;
  • Multi-sensor (Radar and AIS) tracking integration;
  • Multi-AIS data filtering and integration;
  • Manual or automatic target acquisition and drop;
  • Manual or automatic target identification;
  • Radar video presentation;
  • AIS dynamic and static data presentation;
  • Transmission and reception of AIS text telegrams;
  • Sophisticated zone configuration – e.g. traffic, guard, auto-acquisition, responsibility, etc.;
  • Comprehensive configurable Alarms Management, including Navigation and Sensor Alarms;
  • Record and Playback;
  • Extensive chart functionality, including chart editing and S-57 support;
  • Full system and sensor diagnostics.


  • Efficient utilisation of port infrastructure (compliant with ISPS code);
  • Monitors and identifies vessels and other navigational objects;
  • Detects illegal activity (terrorism, piracy, illegal immigration, illegal fishing, smuggling);
  • Collision avoidance;
  • Assists in search and rescue operations, as well as coastguard activities;
  • VTS data storage for administrative purposes and incident analysis;
  • Environmental protection.