Transas range of high-technology marine products includes:

  • onboard navigation equipment;
  • electronic navigation charts and databases;
  • simulation systems and training solutions;
  • port and vessel traffic management solutions.

Transas holds:

  • 45% of the commercial maritime simulators market;
  • 40% of the electronic navigation systems market ;
  • 20% of the vessel traffic management systems market;
  • The onboard equipment produced by Transas is used on more than 13,000 commercial vessels and yachts, as well as vessels of different class in more than 130 countires;
  • over 3 million vector electronic charts have been distributed by Transas to users throughout the world;
  • more than 5500 Transas simulation systems are installed in training centres in 90 countries;
  • over 200 VTMS systems have been successfully deployed in more than 100 world ports.

All Transas products for the marine industry are designed in full compliance with international requirements.

Transas is a member of world maritime associations, international workgroups and committees and participates actively in development of new maritime standards.

Major projects

  • Navigational equipment for the whole fleet of the Maersk Tankers

    Transas Marine has been selected as a supplier of dual ECDIS systems for the whole fleet of the Maersk Tankers, one of the world’s largest product tanker companies.
  • Resolve Maritime Academy

    Located at the home port of many cruise vessels, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the maritime training subsidiary of Resolve Marine Group is equipped with Transas navigational and engine room simulators. One of the key features of this simulation facility is the ability to combine the engine and bridge simulators for integrated operation, both on the latest Transas platforms. This gives Resolve Maritime Academy the ability to train vessel crews as a complete team.
  • Republic of Cyprus National VTMIS

    Cyprus VTMIS is a national scale system. It monitors sea traffic at the eastern boundary of the EU in order to improve safety, minimise the number of accidents at sea and combat illegal immigration, smuggling and similar activities.

Our customers

Transas offers technologically advanced solutions for Maritime security services, Shipping companies and ship operators, Naval and Coast Guard organizations, Training and educational centers, Port and harbor administrations, Governmental, municipal and local authorities and administrations, Environmental services and institutions.

Transas focuses on long-term partner relationship that results in efficient solutions adapted to the customer’s needs.